Traditional German Christmas Food

The “Classics” 1. Christstollen or Weihnachtsstollen  – A dry cake shaped like a loaf of bread filled with marzipan and raisins and covered with powder sugar. You can find this bread in any supermarket in Germany during the Christmas season. 2. Lebkuchen (Gingerbread) – Served in all different shapes, sizes and toppings. 3. Weihnachtsgebaeck (Christmas […]

Pictures of Germany

Enjoy the beautiful German culture in pictures. All of the pictures below were taken by either my sister Dana Spaulding, my wife Claudia Spaulding or myself. If you would like to use any of these pictures for personal use be my guest. If you would like to use these pictures for your own website go […]

German Christmas Markets

In Germany, Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt,) are a traditional Holiday gathering, which attract Germans and tourists from all around to celebrate with music, drinks, food, shopping and holiday spirit. You will find a Christmas Market in the center of just about every German town, big or small and just about every one of them will have […]

Christmas in Germany

The Christmas holiday in Germany begins December 24th and ends on the 26th. On the 24th (Christmas Eve), most Germans work a half day and shops are open until the early afternoon. Gifts are usually opened on the evening of the 24th. Christmas day is a little different. Unlike the U.S., Germany celebrates two Christmas […]

Mountains in Germany

Bavarian Forest Mountain Range The Bavarian Forest (German: Bayerischer Wald) is a low mountain range in Bavaria, Germany. It extends along the Czech border and is continued on the Czech side by the Sumava (Bohemian Forest). Geographically the Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest are the same mountain range. The highest mountain is the Großer Arber […]

Cheap Flights to Germany

Both business and recreational travellers flock to Germany, a world leader in science, business and technology that boasts a stunning natural landscape and abundant tourist attractions. German-based airlines including Lufthansa and Air Berlin offer inexpensive options for international travel, so you can fly easily into one of the country’s major cities without breaking the bank. […]

German Holidays

Germany has many exciting holidays. Some are celebrated with most of the World, like Christmas and New Years, while others are celebrated only in Germany like Tag der Deutschen Einheit. Nonetheless, Germans love to celebrate, so you can rest assured that if you’re in Germany during a holiday, there will most like be some kind […]

The Flag of Germany

The Use of the National and State Flag – The national flag is the German civil flag. It is also used as state flag by the non-federal authorities (e.g. the authorities of the German states use the German national flag together with their own state flag). – The national flag is further used as state […]