The States of Germany

Image by Germany is a federal republic that consists of sixteen states (German: Land, plural Lander; commonly informally Bundesland and Bundeslander). Germany was formed from an earlier collection of several states, so it has a federal constitution, and the constituent states retain some sovereignty. With an emphasis on geographical conditions, Berlin and Hamburg are often […]

Must-See Castles in Germany

castles in germany

In German castles, you will find an amazing history coming alive right before your eyes. There are many wonderful castles and beautiful palaces in Germany that bring an enchanting history to life. Here is a countdown of ten spectacular castles in Germany for kids to experience with their children. When visiting German castles with young […]

Geography Now! Germany

Germany is an incredible country with a very rich history (more good than bad… believe it or not) and culture. We came across a comedic video that is also packed full of tons of interesting facts about Germany. Some are trivial, some not trivial. Watch the video created by incredibly popular, “Geography Now” by clicking […]