10 Best Day Trips From Leipzig

Leipzig is a delightful place to visit for holiday in Germany. With its castles, old town and beautiful museums, the city has a lot to offer for everyone.

Moreover, Leipzig is a neighbor to some of the greatest attractions in Germany. If you have explored the city enough, take a day off and visit some of the places just a few hours away from Leipzig.

Day trips from Leipzig

From museums to castles and  significant buildings, here is a beautiful compilation of 10 best day trips from Leipzig. Choose the places that work great for you and your family.

10 Quick Day Trips From Leipzig

A majority of the trips mentioned below are easily accessible through local buses and trains. However, if you think you can hire a car, do that.

A vehicle of your own gives you the liberty to explore the surroundings freely. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about ending your day trip at a fixed time.

However, the choice is yours. You may find a train journey way more economical than hiring a car.

Now that we are done with choosing a means of transport, let’s dive into exploring what ten places this list has for you.

  • Dresden

Dresden is almost 122 km from Leipzig and is a worth-visiting town. To reach this stunning city, an hour-long train ride from Leipzig will work perfectly.

If you are an art and history lover, travelling to Dresden can become one of your top day trips from Leipzig. From castles to museums, the city has a lot to offer.


The best way to commence this tour is by starting early, or otherwise it would be almost impossible to visit all the highlights in one day.

Start your tour with Dresden Castle. This castle has exhibits representing Dresden’s history and culture.

A room to room tour will take you through famous monuments and ancient pieces of art. While in the castle, don’t forget to explore its beautiful flower gardens and drool-worthy scenic views from the top.

Once done with Dresden Castle, head over to Dresden’s Opera House. While you may not have time to watch a show, taking a trip through the main halls of the Opera House will make you quite happy.

The beautiful ceilings and painted walls of this place are pretty mesmerizing. Dresden also has some very famous art galleries and museums.

While the New Master Gallery is a remarkable art collection space, the Old Master Gallery features unique pieces of  some of the renowned painters and sculptors.

The Deutsches Hygiene-Museum is also a fun museum to visit with your family.

Dresden is a great city to explore. However, if you think you haven’t done the city much justice, extend your stay for a memorable experience.

  • Weimar

Leipzig is an excellent representation of the German culture. However, if you think you want more, head to Weimar and make one of the short trips from Leipzig.


Weimar is only 129km from Leipzig but a more culturally vital town. This city has been home to Germany’s renowned poets, socialists, artists and philosophers.

While in Weimar, get a Weimar card. This card gives you the liberty to enjoy all museums and public transport of the city for free.

However, since Weimar is pretty much walkable, you can also enjoy the city by being on your foot. But only, if your footwear is comfortable.

Weimar’s most highlighted places are Goethe House, Bauhaus Museum, and the elegant Dower Palace. Geothe House was once home to Germany’s famous writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and is now a museum showcasing his work.

Bauhaus Museum is a tribute to a famous art movement that initiated in 1919. The museum exhibits some of the founder’s pieces and the work of his students.

Dower Palace is a home turned museum of a famous Duchess, Anna Amalia. This house was a central point of many festivals and activities in this town but now is a pretty awesome museum.

While in Weimar, also walk around the Old Town to absorb this city’s vibe and enjoy some regional cuisines and wine.

  • Freiberg

Freiberg is a small university town near Leipzig. This place is famously known as a silver-mining town with 700 years of old history.


Freiberg is just 115km from Leipzig. It means you can easily find a direct train to arrive at your destination.

While in Freiberg, visit its Old Town to explore some fantastic places. The Terra Mineralia is a museum that houses thousands of minerals and gemstones from around the world.

This museum is set within the Freudenstein Castle and holds exhibitions throughout the year. Moreover, for the history-love in you, take a tour to Dom St. Marien.

This church is the central location in Freiberg and holds an exalted status in the locals’ hearts. From huge ceilings to painted walls, this church gives a beautiful representation of Freiberg’s history.

During your visit to Freiberg, don’t miss a tour to a mining factory. Silberbergwerk Freiberg is one of the oldest mining hubs in town.

From learning about smelting and mining to experiencing  it on its own, this place has many activities for visitors from around the world. You can also tour the City and the Mining Museum to polish your knowledge on the city’s economy and its dependence on the mining industry.

  • Meissen

Going to Meissen as one of the short trips from Leipzig will be a great way to create memories for the porcelain lover in you. Meissen was one of the first few towns that got a royal commission to initiate porcelain production in Germany.

The best way to visit Meissen is by train from Leipzig’s city center. Since it is just 112 km away, the train will drop you within an hour.


While in Meissen, you will come across plenty of art pieces and monuments. However, the porcelain bells of Frauenkirche will catch your attention.

Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen is also a great place to explore the history and culture of this town. A room to room tour of the castle will take you through a remarkable journey of this town’s birth and what it went through to achieve its status as a porcelain hub.

Meissen’s Old Town is a beautiful place to sit for a while and soak in the city’s vibe. From narrow alleys to colorful houses and restaurants, Meissen is a charming little dreamland.

Before you end your tour, sit in a local restaurant and enjoy a glass of beer and endeavor some regional cuisines.

  • Colditz Castle

When it comes to where to do day trips from Leipzig, visiting the Colditz Castle is one of the first options that come to mind.

Colditz Castle

Located 59Km from Leipzig, Colditz Castle is one of the most attractive locations in the whole of Germany. From 1000 years of history, this castle is an accurate representation of Germany’s culture and its struggles during World War II.

Colditz Castle has served as a camp for prisoners during the Nazi regimen. The dark walls of this place and the gruesome ambience of some sections speak horrific secrets of that tenure.

The best way to fully understand the hidden secrets of this place is by taking a guided tour. You can always book the tour online to avoid any mishaps.

The tour guide will take you through dark escape tunnels built inside the Colditz Castle. It also features various artefacts and hosts many interesting art exhibitions throughout the year.

  • Erfurt

Thanks to Leipzig’s central location, Erfurt is another town that makes it to the list of trips you can do in one day from Leipzig. It is a small university town with some of the most beautiful buildings and attractions.


The most famous landmarks in Erfurt are the Erfurt Synagogue, St. Severus Church and St. Mary’s Cathedral. If you are someone who loves churches and the spiritual energy that surrounds them, this town can become your dream place.

Travelling to Erfurt is pretty convenient. You can either take an hour bus from Leipzig’s city centre or choose to travel by train.

Either way,  you will get to enjoy the scenic views that fall between the two cities.

  • Wörlitzer Park

For a romantic getaway with your partner, plan a visit to Wörlitzer Park as the most romantic day trips from Leipzig. This park is almost 82Km from Leipzig, and a car ride will be a smooth option.

Wörlitzer Park is a little paradise. It has the most significant landscape in Germany, and the vast garden is home to diverse wildlife, animals and flowers.

Wörlitzer Park

This park has the status of the UNESCO World Heritage site and houses some of the most beautiful attractions. The Wörlitzer Park Castle is a lovely and luxurious building with a lot of artefacts exhibiting its history and culture.

The Temple of Venus and the Romanesque Church are two vibrant and unique representations of Wörlitzer Park’s jaw-dropping beauty.

A few hours spent in Wörlitzer Park will make your mind incredibly fresh and buzzing with positive energy.

  • Moritzburg Castle

When looking for fun day trips from Leipzig on the internet, you will most probably come across Moritzburg Castle. An excellent portrayal of stunning architecture and the Saxon Empire, this castle is just 127Km away from Leipzig’s city center.

Moritzburg Castle

This castle has everything. From beautiful ponds to a charming exterior, the castle building will mesmerize you as soon as you will set your feet on its gates.

Moritzburg Castle dates back to the 16th century and is home to some of the most exquisite artefacts from that time. Initially owned by King Augustus the Strong, this castle is now one of Germany’s most-visited museums.

Each wall in every room has a story to tell. To understand what each corner represents, book a guided tour beforehand.

After enjoying this castle’s interiors, don’t forget to sit and spend some time in the castle’s beautifully designed French Gardens. Moreover, if you still have some free time left, finish your day with a visit to a much smaller Pheasant Palace nearby.

Before leaving the castle, enjoy some local food available from the nearest cafes and restaurants.

  • Burg Stolpen

Another place that deserves a spot on this list of best day trips from Leipzig is Burg Stolpen. This place will surely bring back the memories of enchanted towers and captured princesses.

Burg Stolpen

Located only 160Km from Leipzig, Burg Stolpen tells a rich story with a horrible ending. To reach Burg Stolpen, a train ride will be an economical option.

However, you can also choose to drive your car and reach the destination more conveniently than public transport.

This tower kept Countess Cosel as a prison for more than 50 years. She was captured as a punishment to reveal royal secrets to her lover.

Every singly wall of this awe-inspiring fortress represents her story of survival and her last days before death.

For a better understanding of this trip, don’t forget to book yourself a guided tour. The tour will take you through the history of the fortress and will make you visit its basalt foundation.

  • Seiffen

Approximately 114Km from Leipzig lies a small village, Seiffen. Famously known as the Toy Village, visiting this place can easily be labelled as one of the most fun day trips from Leipzig.


Seiffen is a 14th-century town and is famous for its wooden handicrafts. Moreover, the locals here take pride in their traditional lace works and methods of weaving.

Seiffen is a great town to stop by and buy some beautiful Christmas ornaments and decoration pieces. From candles to nutcrackers, the little shops at Seiffen are filled with adorable art pieces.

Another place Seiffen is famous for is its Toy Museum. It is a delightful place for kids of all ages and has some fantastic activities planned for its visitors.

You can either take a train or ride on an inter-city bus to arrive at Seiffen. However, the best option is to travel by car and enjoy the views along the way.

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