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The Zugspitze Region

B zahnradbahn im tal zugspitz region

Some of the most popular and beautiful German countryside is located in the deep south of Germany in the Alps. The Zugspite Region is a perfect example. It connects the German and Austrian boarder and includes the highest elevation point in all of Germany. If you live in Germany along the A3 Autobahn, you’ll often […]

The Black Forest (Germany)

The Black Forest, located in Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany, close to the French border, is home of the original Cuckoo clock. The famous Cuckoo clocks are all hand made and carved into many different beautiful designs. If you plan to visit this beautiful area be sure to visit the ‘Mummelsee’ (Mummel Lake) where you can find a […]

Best German Christmas Markets to Visit in 2021

In Germany, Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt,) are a traditional Holiday gathering, which attracts Germans and tourists from all around to celebrate with music, drinks, food, shopping, and holiday spirit. History of Christmas Markets in Germany You will find a Christmas Market in the center of just about every German town, big or small and just about […]

Christmas in Germany

The Christmas holiday in Germany begins on December 24th and ends on the 26th. On the 24th (Christmas Eve), most Germans work a half day and shops are open until the early afternoon. Gifts are usually opened on the evening of the 24th. Christmas day is a little different. Unlike the U.S., Germany celebrates two […]