5 Great Things To Do In Germany | Attractions & Places to Visit

Looking to visit Germany? These are the best things to do in Germany including key attractions and places to visit.

what to do in germany - best things to do in Germany Germany is a wonderful place to visit with a rich and lengthy heritage.

The countryside is gorgeous; the castles and medieval villages are charming; the ancient churches are breathtaking, and the museums are second to none.

Best Things to do in Germany

Let’s get into the best things to do in Germany.

Visiting WWII Memorials & Landmarks Is A Must

Naturally, many countries have remembrances of WWII, but none compare with those found in Germany. Every town or village has a memorial in place.

Of course, the concentration camps and the Holocaust Memorial are places that must be visited when in Germany.

The Jewish Museum which traces the history of the Jewish people in Germany is also an important destination.

Other important places to visit include:

* Nuremberg’s Palace of Justice where the trials were held after the war.
* Hitler’s hideout in the German Alps, Eagle’s Nest.
* The rally grounds of the Nazi Party.

There are many very worthwhile destinations you can visit. While these may not be fun-filled, they are historically very important.

Taking a trip to Germany without visiting these places would be quite remiss.

German Beer

Having visited a few important historical destinations, wind down at the end of the day with authentic German beer.

While the Germans didn’t invent beer, they are certainly known for it. It is Germany’s national drink, and there are more than 1300 breweries and 5000 German brands of beer in the country.

German beer is brewed to exacting standards and is said to be the best beer in the world by some. Of course, there are some amazing breweries in Munich that are filled with history and tons of fun, especially during Oktoberfest

There Is Nothing Like A German Christmas Market

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, Germany puts the rest of the world to shame in terms of sheer charm and festivity.

The Christmas tree (or Tannenbaum) hails from Germany as do many familiar elements of Christmas in the western tradition.

For example, the following elements got their start in Germany:

  • Carved nutcrackers
  • Nativity scenes
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Christmas wreaths

If you are visiting Germany during the month of December, you are sure to be dazzled and charmed by the decorations and the generally festive air.

A trip to a German Christmas Market will ensure that you have the best Christmas ever!

If You Love Cars You’ve Come To The Right Place

People who love cars love to visit Germany, the home of the best auto manufacturers in the world. Cars originated in Germany, and today vehicles made there are among the very best.

Be sure to visit the Gottlieb Daimler Museum and the Mercedes Benz Museum to learn fascinating facts and see some marvelous displays. If you tend to be more hands-on, go for a drive in Dresden in a Trabi.

You can also visit the big race track in Nurburgring.

Classical Music Lovers Are In Their Element

Many famous classical composers were German. Among them are:

  • Handel
  • Beethoven
  • Wagner
  • Bach

There are many wonderful opera houses in Germany where you can hear their works performed.

Churches also present excellent classical concerts, and the Leipzig Bach Festival, along with the Bonn Beethoven Festival are major events.

The largest festivals with the most varied musical offerings are the Heidelberg Festival or the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

It’s easy to see that Germany is an enjoyable and fascinating vacation destination. We hope this article has given you some good ideas for things to do in Germany and inspired you to seek out even more.

Have a wonderful German vacation!

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