Pictures of Germany

Enjoy the beautiful German culture in pictures. All of the pictures below were taken by either my sister Dana Spaulding, my wife Claudia Spaulding or myself. If you would like to use any of these pictures for personal use be my guest. If you would like to use these pictures for your own website go right ahead but be sure to place a link back to this site along with any picture you use.

German Castle Picture Germany Country Picture
The Schloss Johannisberg
Castle/ Restaurant in
Aschaffenburg, Bavaria
A shot of the Black Forest
Country side in
Autobahn Picture
The BMW main headquarters
located in Munich, Bavaria
A picture of the Autobahn
taken in Frankfurt, Hessen
Hofbraeuhaus Picture Frankfurt Skyline Picture
The Hofbraeuhaus in
Munich, Bavaria
Another view of the Frankfurt
am Main Skyline
Frankfurt New Courthouse in Munich
A shot of Frankfurt, Hessen in the banking area Das Neues Rathaus (New Townhall)
in Munich, Bavaria
The Oxe and the Bull German Building Picture
Der Ochse und der Bulle (The Oxe and the Bull) in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange The ‘Roemer’ Rathaus, a German Courthouse in Frankfurt, Hessen
German Train German Church
A public German Train in
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Die Katharinenkirche, A church
in Frankfurt am Main
German Movie Theater Black Forest Town
A German Kino (movie theater) in Frankfurt am Main A small town in the Black Forest
German Castle German Castle
Schloss Wernigerode Mediaeval Castle in Wernigerode, Germany (Former East Germany) Another view of the historical Schloss Wernigerode Castle
German River Same German River
A nice view of a River in East Germany taken on top of a Dam that was built before the wall came down. Another shot of a River in the Former East Germany
Frankfurt Skyline Picture German Country Picture
A shot of the Frankfurt
Skyline in Hessen
Germany countryside near
Vilseck Bavaria

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