Hazelnussomeletten Recipe

Hazelnussomeletten Recipe Ingredients

3 tbsp. flour

1 cup milk

1 egg, separated

1 tbsp. sugar

2 tbsp. hazelnuts

grated salt

2 tbsp. butter


Combine flour and milk. Stir in egg yolk, fold in sugar and hazelnuts then stiffly beaten egg white.

Add salt to taste. Melt butter and fry omelet until it is golden brown on both sides? Serve with stewed fruits or berries.

This Hazelnussomeletten recipe has flour, milk, egg yolk, sugar, hazelnuts and salt. It’s fried until brown on both sides then served with stewed fruits or berries. Hazelnut trees are also called filbert nut trees or cobnutt trees while the word ‘hazelnut’ can be used to describe any type of nut that is small and hard.

Hazelnuts come from a small bush, and you must crack open the outer shell before they can be eaten. They are most popular in fall or winter seasons.

What is Hazelnussomeletten?

Hazelnussomeletten is a German Hazelnut Omelette. Hazelnuts are very nutrient-rich, packed with calcium to help strengthen bones and teeth, vitamin E for healthy skin and heart health, B-vitamins for energy production, and riboflavin, which promotes strong eyesight.

This balanced breakfast recipe would be low in fat yet high in protein, making it perfect as part of your New Year’s resolutions!

If you want your Hazelnussomeletten to become Hazelnusskuchen, just add brown sugar and cinnamon!

Hazelnussomeletten is a traditional German cake that can be enjoyed in two different ways: warm or cold. You’ll enjoy this delicious chocolate creation plain or with fresh whipped cream as the perfect end to your meal!

How Long Does it Take to Make Hazelnussomeletten?

Hazelnussomeletten is a very simple dish to make and would be ready in less than an hour. Hazelnut Paste is the filling for hazelnuts wrapped with thin layers of dough sheets, baked until crispy and golden brown.

Hazelnuts are mixed with cocoa powder, chocolate chips, flour, eggs and sugar to create a gooey cake. Hazelnussomeletten is then baked in the oven until it turns brown and fluffy on top.

This recipe for Hazelnussomeletten is a popular German breakfast dish that can be eaten warm or cold. Children particularly enjoy this dessert!

Hazelnut Omelettes are uniquely delicious and offer a variety of tasty possibilities. You can mix up this recipe by adding in some chocolate hazelnuts, making all-nut pudding, or crafting mouthwatering cookies instead!

Where Did Hazelnussomeletten Come From?

Hazelnussomeletten’s history has not been well documented. It is believed, however, that Hazelnut Farmers first cooked it as a tasty and healthy breakfast when they were out in the field doing their daily work. Now very popular in Germany, many restaurants offer dishes of Hazelnussomeletten with organic hazelnuts at the center.


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