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Looking for a place to visit the most remarkable town in Saxony? Check out Leipzig, the lovely and coolest town that also proclaimed the ‘New Berlin’ in Germany. With the overwhelming number of things to do in Leipzig, this charming German town is undoubtedly blessed with outstanding sceneries and great adventure. 

A lovely historic town with an array of incredible outdoor adventures and indoor exploration.

It is a prime spot for history and music enthusiasts, as well as for every wanderer looking for a great place to visit and experience a glorious journey in Germany.

Here are the must-visit attractions to behold in spectacular wealthy sceneries spot Leipzig.

List of things to do in Leipzig, Germany

Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Monument to the Battle of the Nations Leipzig, Germany  

Address: Str. des 18. Oktober 100, 04299 Leipzig, Germany

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

The Monument to the Battle of the Nations, called Volkerschlachtdenkmal in Germany, is a monument positioned in Leipzig, Saxony in Germany. The monument was designed by Bruno Schmitz, a German architect, and was constructed in honor of the Battle of Leipzig. One of the best things to do in Leipzig is to witness Monument to the Battle of the Nations beauty.

It commemorates how the French army was defeated in Leipzig. The monument, in fact, was built on the land space where the war was bloodiest, from where Napoleon asked for his army to retreat.

The Monument to the Battle of the Nations is about 299ft tall and 230ft wide. The structure is chiefly constructed of concrete materials and its facing of granite. It is modeled in the Wilhelmine architectural style. The Second World War was fought on the grounds of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations.

Ernst Moritz Arndt, a German historian, and writer, first spoke on constructing a monument. He already had his plans of how the monument would look. But, even though he voiced this opinion out, it wasn’t regarded because as at the time, the city was lack of political.

In later years, some other persons brought their proposals for a memorial structure to be constructed on the war ground. However, it took long before the city settled for the construction of the monument that would become known as Monument to the Battle of the Nations or Volkerschlachtdenkmal.

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Augustusplatz Leipzig, Germany

Address: Oper Leipzig, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Augustusplatz is a magnificent square, and in fact, it used to be the most beautiful park in the entirety of Europe, situated in the city of Leipzig, Germany. It happens to be Leipzig’s largest square. The square began in 1785 with a quite different name.

Then, it used to be called Platz vor dem Grimmalschen Tor. But in 1839, it took on a totally different name altogether: the Augustusplatz, which is in honor of Frederick Augustus, who was Saxony’s first king.

However, the name changed to Karl-Marx-Platz first in 1839, but nobody regarded it. They kept on referring to it with the old name. In 1933, the Nazis restored the name Augustusplatz, but again in 1953, it was renamed to Karl-Marx-Platz. However, the name that remained with the square until now was instituted in 1990, when Augustusplatz was restored.

Towards the north of the square is the Opernhaus (an opera house). To the south, the square is bordered by the Neues Gewandhaus (a concert hall). To the west are the main buildings of the University of Leipzig.

The square, today, appears to have lost its first look. A majority of the buildings you could find around there seem to be modeled in the 1960s or later styles. The loss of its former or historical look is attributed to the World Wars and the drastic policies of the GDR for the square.

Some very important buildings in the square include:
(a) Neues Theater
(b) Museum of Fine Arts
(c) The new Augusteum
(d) Leipzig Opera
(e) The Gewandhaus
(f) Europahaus
(g) Menderbrunnen
(h) Kroch-Hochlaus

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